Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. How Many Passengers Comfortably Sit In A Maxi Cab?

Ans: A maxi cab/taxi can comfortably seat 11 to 13 passengers with some luggage.

Q. How Many Luggage Can Fit Into A Maxi Taxi?

Ans: It depends on the number of booking seats for the passenger. Typically 7 to 10 travel luggage fit for 6 passengers.

Q. Do Taxis Charge Per Person?

Ans: No. We charge per trip or per group travel (up to capacity passengers in a taxi cab as per government rule).

Q. Can I Use My Own Child Seat In A Cab?

Ans: Yes you can. But before taking your own child seat you have to inform us, we can reserve a special place for child seat so that you can make your trip comfortable.

Q. How Can I Get The Child Seat In A Cab?

Ans: It will be available upon request. Just you have to inform us while booking a Maxi cab.

Q. What Is The Fare That I Will Be Charged Per Trip?

Ans: There are fixed rates per km for each type of taxi. The total fare charged includes travel per km plus driver fee.

Q. We Have Multiple Pick Up / Drop Off Locations. Will You Be Able To Arrange It?

Ans: Yes of course, please inform our agents and you will be advised accordingly. Charges apply for additional pick up / drop off locations.

Q. Can I Book A Taxi In Advance?

Ans: Yes. You can book a maxi taxi in advance for your Melbourne trip. With advanced booking, you will also receive an email and a message to your given mobile number after the driver has accepted your request - so you can know your driver beforehand.

Q. What Happens If I Have A Change In The Travel Plan During My Trip?

Ans: Please contact us on 0412 339 266 or for any modifications during your trip. We will resume your new journey and recommend the same cost.

Q. What Type Of Taxi Do You Provide?

Ans: We offer vehicles like Maxi Cab, Sedan, SUV, and Wagon. As per your requirements, we can also arrange a specific vehicle of your choice.

Q. Why Should I Book Through

Ans: We simplify the booking process! Our search engine helps you make a booking according to your travel needs.

By choosing our maxi taxi service, you will get your selected vehicle at an affordable price. Drivers, Taxi operators, and vehicles are selected very carefully to ensure that we provide you with a safe and reliable cab service. Your safety is our priority.

Q. How Do I Book A Maxi Cab?


  • 1. Visit our official Maxi Taxi Melbourne247 website.
  • 2. Fill-up your details with correct contact number.
  • 3. Click on Book now or Get quote as per requirement.
  • 4. Your maxi cab booking confirmation message will display on the screen.
  • 5. You can dial or SMS us at 0412 339 266 for taxi booking.

Q. What Is Your Contact Number For Maxi Cab Booking?

Ans: You can call or SMS us at 0412 339 266

Q. What Are Your Service Delivery Criteria?

Ans: Key service delivery criteria for the cab driver include:

  • 1. Punctuality
  • 2. Courteous and polite
  • 3. A neat and well-maintained car
  • 4. Safe driving
  • 5. Use of mobile during driving prohibited
  • 6. No drunken driving
  • 7. Follow of all traffic rules
  • 8. Carrying all valid documents
Please do not hesitate to inform instances of the driver faltering on any of the above aspects.

We look forward to your feedback on improving our services. Please email at

Q. How Do We Book For Airport Arrival?

Ans: Please contact us / provide us with your arrival date and flight number so that we can assist you easily on time.

Q. How Much Is A Maxi Taxi From Melbourne Airport To CBD?

Ans: Please fill your details on the form given on the website; we will message or mail you with the updated price list and available offer codes.

Q. Will I Charged Extra Amount If My Flight Is Delayed?

Ans: No, you will not be charged extra because we are always online with flight information to get information about flight arrival and travel details, but if your flight has changed or been canceled, you will Immediately information us So that we can reschedule your journey again.

Q. What Areas Do You Cover?

Ans: We cover all metropolitan, suburban and rural areas of Melbourne.

Q. What If The Flight Is Delayed?

Ans: No worries. On your given flight number and contact details, we will be able to monitor it.

Q. Can I Pay By Credit Card?

Ans: Yes you can. We accept all major credit cards however there is a 10% processing fee on top of the base fare.

Q. I Need A Parcel Delivered Can You Do This For Me?

Ans: Yes. We are happy to deliver your valuable package and parcel safely to your preferred address.

Q. Can Your Taxis Accommodate Wheelchairs?

Ans: Yes. Our maxi cabs can carry up to 2 wheelchairs simultaneously. Just do a conform at the time of booking.


Thomas Obe

Very good service. Well maintained car. Driver was very friendly and gentleman. Best Maxi cab in melbourne

Michael Kors

I must say, the drivers are very well-trained as they follow the instructions without any questions. Good job! One of the best Maxi Taxi Service Provider in Melbourne

Kevin Scoot

I was highly impressed with the quick and efficient service by Maxitaxi (Book Maxi Cab). The car was squeaky clean, and the chauffeur was very friendly. I am surely going to book a cab from them on my next travel plans....

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