About Us

About Us

Maxi Taxi Melbourne 24*7 prides itself on providing reliable, high-quality transport service to our respected customers in the Melbourne and surrounding areas.

We provide luxury vehicles to our customers so that our customers can choose from the appropriate package deals that we offer to all our customers. We are inconceivably reliable and deliver best maxi taxi service in Melbourne. If you are planning to move out of Melbourne city, we should be your main option for all your travel needs. We are renowned as one of the leading travel service providers in Melbourne as we offer customers a wide range of services starting from our 7 seaters Maxi Taxi to 13 seater maxi cab and minibus transporters.

There are many options for you regarding booking maxi cab or private transport in Melbourne, yet none of them matches the scope of services that we offer. If you need to travel alone or with groups, there is no difference; we can offer you any type of transportation services on any financial plan. We offer superb and reliable maxi cab services to our customers at moderate rates, which is one of the reasons why we review and evaluate exceptionally well. You will not be able to find the preferred Melbourne taxi booking services on us since we honour our customers above everything else.

Driving the charge in the transport business

There are other Maxi Taxi or maxi cab organizations in Melbourne; although very few of them match the standards and quality maxi cab service to customers. We have made it our main goal to meet the requests of each of our customers and have figured out how to create a reliable maxi taxi transportation framework that enables individuals to move in class, luxury and style.

We are the best airport transfer service provider; You will discover in the country as our specialist escorts always arrive on time and will take you around to see the best holiday spots and locations in Melbourne. We urge all our customers to book ahead of time as it enables us to offer valuable transportation services without failures.

Maxi Taxi Melbourne 24*7 provides the following services:

  • Pick up and/or drop off maxi cab services for school.
  • Pick up and/or drop off maxi cab services for hospitals, clinics, etc.
  • Maxi Cab services to/from events such as weddings, the footy, family visits, theatre, museums etc.
  • Shopping, and one day trip in and around Melbourne.
  • Pick up and/or drop off services for the business meeting.
  • Airport and hotel transfers services.
  • Baggage transfer and Parcels deliver services.


Thomas Obe

Very good service. Well maintained car. Driver was very friendly and gentleman. Best Maxi cab in melbourne

Michael Kors

I must say, the drivers are very well-trained as they follow the instructions without any questions. Good job! One of the best Maxi Taxi Service Provider in Melbourne

Kevin Scoot

I was highly impressed with the quick and efficient service by Maxitaxi (Book Maxi Cab). The car was squeaky clean, and the chauffeur was very friendly. I am surely going to book a cab from them on my next travel plans....

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